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LM Call Center in Tijuana, Mexico

Affordable Nearshore Call Center Solutions

Getting the expertise of a decade-old, full service business agency that adapts to your company and support your through your growth at a fraction of the cost will make a difference to your business. 

Flexible BPO & Contact Center Solutions

Tailored, Goal-focused Services 

Inbound & Outbound

Appointment Setting

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What we include in every service 

Lead Generation

Generating brand new prospects for your business on a daily basis through cold calling and/or lead nurturing. Get an experienced team of sales agents ready to deliver quality customers from day one.

Dedicated Team

Don’t risk your information nor your productivity by getting a dedicated team of experienced agents ready to embark on any task your business needs. Start building your perfect remote team today

Data Analytics

Empower your success with quality data analytics. Track important KPI’s and make smart desicions with real time campaign dashboard.

Get accurate reports on a weekly basis.

Bilingual Team

Serve your audience in their preffered language with fluent spanish and native english speaking agents.

Reach any prospect and support any client without language limitations

A Service built on your needs and expectations

Every business needs new customsters or has untapped leads ready to be harnessed and exploited by the best Sales Call Center Team for your product

Get rid of the expensive and repetitive task of providing customer support and add a level to your effectiveness with an Inbound or Outbound Customer Support and Quality Assurance team.
Outsource thorough workloads to a specialized and cost effective team of experts abroad capable of performing and exceeding KPIs on the most important aspects of your business


We Find and Hire the best fit for all your call center or admin positions


We launch campaign that deliver Leads to keep your team working on exceeding your KPIs


We Actively work to analyze and optimize your call center campaign


We provide dedicated research specialists to analyze your CRM


We offer outstanding, personal support to assist your team on demand


We partner with your sales team to deliver customers at-scale

Tailored BPO Solutions at the right price

Launch your Remote Campaign

We analyze and understand your business and industry to provide a solution that fits your needs, reaches your goals and exceeds your expectations.


Insurance Brokers & Agencies




Consumer Products & Services


B2B Products & Services


Hospitality & Travel


Medical Services




SaaS & Startups


Real State



Inbound Calling Services

Ecommerce Support

Email & Live Chat Support

Outbound Calling Services

Back office & Data Entry

Full Service Outsourcing

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Affordable and clear pricing

Grow your team at half the cost.

LM Call Center Pricing

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$8.75 USD/h

Flexible options for your business’ needs

We know every business is different and having a business parter that can adapt to your goals, requirements and necessities is crucial. Empowering your growth through a managed, outsourced workforce can impact your business positively with a more affordable operation that is guaranteed to exceed KPI’s and reach business goals.

We improve your business by providing a flexible and affordable, remote extension for your business. 

Commitment-Free Trial Period

Find out if LM Call Center is the right fit for your business risk-free!

We trust our business and the outcome of our service so much that we offer a paid trial period of 30 days, no cancelation fees.
We strongly believe that 30 days is more than enough to deliver great results for your business.

As if that’s not good enough, we offer a second trial period of 90 days after the first trial, giving you up to 120 days to test our service.
120 days are more than enough for your custome built call center team to learn and improve.

Start building the perfect remote team with an outsource solution and test our service before commiting to a contract.

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Insurance Agency from California

We started with Links Management on January, we hired two lead generation, cold calling agents who sold more than six agents did back in California.
We also hired customer service and back office agents who has tremendously improved the productivity and operational cost.

LM’s admin team actively looks for opportunities to improve our operation and has become a crucial part in our success.

We are a reliable and fast-growing outsourcing call center company that works with clients from Mexico and US, providing the professional services of business outsourcing from Tijuana, Mexico.

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