Back Office Campaign: Understanding Call Center Services

What’s a Back-Office Account?

Back-office is the staff that works on the company’s administrative side, rather than working directly with customers!

They will handle either companies or also consumers, however very rarely will they contact with the end-users.

A time may come as a business owner when you need your operations outsourced lowering costs to invest in other areas.

For this article we will touch base for non-voice back office campaigns in call centers. But we will dig in even deeper to find out what a back office is all about!

The companies of call centers are focused on educating people to communicate directly with end-users,

Back office workers are trained in the business sector, and most of the time they are degree holders.

They are easily adaptable and require less training and supervision.

This means less training and with minimal guidance they will be able to adapt quickly to the workplace.

How to outsource your Back-Office?

First of all you should plan everything ahead, especially when you start seeing your staff silent from the heavy workload

And most importantly, you also need to discuss this with your current staff as this always requires teamwork from EVERYONE

You must also determine what tasks are going to be outsourced specifically, it will usually those that distract everyone from their productivity

Also, you will always need to have in mind the long-term advantages of outsourcing

It’s not a decision that you can make out of the blue or just because the workload is getting to stressing levels

It is because you want to see benefits in the long run by having your current employees focus on what’s actually important: Business growth

Additionally you must always make a good study about the options of outsourcing businesses that will help you implement your strategy with the appropiate infrastructure

There are exceptional offshore centers that already have the expertise and constantly work with American companies providing the best of their knowledge

If it’s your first time outsourcing you most definitely want to begin with small tasks of course, and after a while you can take a leap with more important tasks.

The execution will also be key in this, you need to develop a plan to transition the operations to somewhere else.

Knowledge will need to be passed over and learned so there will need to be a plan to strategize the appropiate training and making the information accessible to everyone.

Then you will also need to install supervision to make sure that the quality and procedures are being met and have your communications lines open.

This is a business relationship that you’re building with a third party and when things go wrong, they’re not your enemies, they’re working for you and with you.

Feedback goes from both ways.

Types of Back-Office Accounts

Customer Service or Customer Support

What differentiates a customer support account from that of a general call center is that these agents will resolve issues one at a time.

They will normally not deal with the end-user. As a result they will be able to take their time resolving things with less pressure.

However, their mistakes will affect the intermediaries between them and the end-user, they have more responsibilities on their hands, for instance.

Quality & Assurance

They are the control point between something good and something mediocre.

Quality agents will provide feedback to the other departments about their performance and correct any mistakes in the process!

Therefore, they’re the ever lasting reminder of the company’s procedures so everyone else follows the same mindset.

Human Resources

Companies can offshore part of their Human Resources operations.

Outsourcing part of it will help your organization to reach a higher level of employee satisfaction by freeing the time consuming tasks from the upper heads of this department

By freeing up their time they can now focus on new strategies to screen and hire new employees, as well as building retention with the current staff.

Data Entry

Data entry is practically using the data received through any medium and inputting it into a software thtough a data entry interface.

To put it in simpler terms, it’s basically copy and pasting data from one source into the destination software.

Sounds like a very simple job, however, the difficulty comes when the data has to be investigated and requires interpretation through procedures that are built into the system.


Compliance officers have a responsibility to collaborate with management and staff to recognize and mitigate regulatory risk to their employer.

In addition their aim is also to ensure an organization has internal controls that properly assess and handle the risks it faces.

Amongst others…

IT Services, Recruitment, Payrolls, Cancellations, Clearance and many more!

Why should you outsource your Back-Office?

The demand is becoming bigger and bigger when it comes to the business scene.

It is absolutely essential that businesses, particularly small and medium ones, begin to move their resources and adding a focus on elements that’ll boost growth rather than on activities that are better off outsourced.

Outsourcing your back office to an offshore center will ensure that the difficulties your employees face to get things done with tasks that are better off outsourced will be long gone.

Instead, they will have the time to improve your organization at its very core, increasing the producitivity and effectiveness of their time management by allocating time and resources to their workflow.

As an additional point, outsourcing to an offshore center will cost much less, not only because labor is cheaper but also because they already have the infrastructure to install the whole of your back-office!

This will give your company access to a sea of talents and skills in the particular field from people and employees that are already trained to perform assuring the expertise and quality.

Do you have any further questions about back office?

Feel free to contact us as we can provide you with answers that you require concerning any back office service.

With the great amount of experience we’ve acquired throughout the years we are confident enough to help you.

Roman Fernandez

Roman Fernandez

Hello, I am Roman. Graduated college as a Business Administrator, and I've got experience in business management, logistics, recruitment and call centers.
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We build the perfect team with rates starting from $10 usd an hour.

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