Chat support

Chat support is a modern way to have communication with your website visitors.

The internet surfers will start a conversation by clicking icons on your website. These icons can be positioned wherever you’d like.

Although, it’s easier when it’s simply displayed at the bottom, kind of like Facebook chat.

How can you implement a good Chat Support?

Chat support will help customers to relieve the frustration related to making a phone call, having to find out which numbers to press and the worst part: Waiting.

Throughout these times a lot of companies have been turning into this modern form of communication to connect with their customers.

However, to implement it correctly you also need to have a good customer service that will attend these chats and you can also have a virtual assistant.

Have a customer first attitude

Anytime you will help a customer through chat, the agents must personalize the replies, people can tell when you’re copy pasting the same message.

And most importantly, they must COMPREHEND what the customer is trying to convey and provide a resolution as fast as possible.

For instance, say a customer was expecting an item to be delivered two days ago and now he’s contacting your customer service, make it HAPPEN!

This will help you gain loyalty and trust.

Don’t be a square

What does this mean? That you should not go “by the book”. This provides a boring experience.

It is obvious that you are to keep to certain customer service standards and guidelines, however your chat support agents must have enough power to take decisions.

Even when it comes down to the style of customer service they want to give.

Have you ever felt when calling your phone company that you’re really talking to the same people with different voices?

That’s exactly what this means. DO. NOT. BE. A. SQUARE!

Chat Support must have all the knowledge

One of the main reasons a chat support specialist will be contacted is because a customer requires information.

If the representative cannot provide an answer to the questions made by the customer, this will only create a sea of confusion.

The agents must have a database with all the information they require, especially if your catalogue is big enough that they will not be able to memorize everything.

Have appropiate breaks for your staff

Having spent most of your time in front of a computer becomes taxing to the body and therefore, your mood.

A customer service person must always be on top of their game and take the breaks they need throughout their hours.

If you’re in a bad mood because you didn’t sleep proper or because you had a difficult customer, stand up and walk a little bit, have a quick chat with your fellow agent.

Chat support has a huge role as the face of your company, they will represent your organization to your potential customers and customers.

This is why companies need to invest on this important medium that will lead them to something referred to as SUCCESS.

Which channels does Chat Support include?

Chat support is not only enclosed to receiving texts through your website.

In fact, most people nowadays prefer to go through social media or simply find an email in either a card, a flyer or a ticket from your company.

So, which other channels are there? Let’s take a look.


Emails, as well as chats are a quick communication channel and preferred by many.

This is because the ease of reach is faster, however, for this to work properly your customer support will have be effective and responsive.

This means that they must reply and handle mail as quickly as possible, otherwise your customers will not be content.

There also needs to be good software to handle and support the volume of queues, tracking responses, opening tickets for emails sent automatically and auto responds for those off hours.

Social Media

Social media plays a key part to any company that wants to stay relevant in today’s market.

You will need to have social media experts to monitor the networks and channels that you’ve created for your company and help you to strategize new forms of communication and engagement.

Social media will not only be about customer service, but it also needs to become about creating presence and engaging with your customers.

Making them feel like your company is more humane and within their reach, customers always appreciate that.


And the main channel that we’re discussing.

This is the main attraction for our good ol’ milleannials who want fast answers without picking up their phones.

Chat can include so many tools, in the cases of tech support, you can have screen share abilities to have your customer support help the customers in a more effective manner.

And unless your information is absolutely confidential, your agents should have access at least to Google tools.

They make such a world of difference to help people, think about the time you were trying to help someone and you didn’t know an answer or an address.

The first thing you did I’m sure was to Google it!

Why you need Chat Support

Have in mind that customer service is one of the most important parts to any business nowadays and building a good one will help your company to grow.

If you are able to create a great experience to your customers, they will eventually tell each other about it, even people that are not your customers already, the word of mouth is something really strong.

A chat support service will help your customer service toolkit since it’s a way to communicate with your younger audience in a quick manner and generating more satisfaction.

You will quickly notice that it’s not only your customer satisfaction that’s growing though, you will see that customer retention will also improve.

Additionally, a chat support can increase your sales, people are most likely to visit your website if there is an option to live chat.

However, simply having your website all pretty with good advertising isn’t enough, your staff needs to be trained to make upsales.

You’d be surprised as to how many companies refuse to have their own customer support and we’re talking big companies.

By implementing this, you’re already getting ahead of the competition, the sooner you start the better.

Have in mind, this is much cheaper to implement than regular phone customer service, all you need are computers and internet access!

Roman Fernandez

Roman Fernandez

Hello, I am Roman. Graduated college as a Business Administrator, and I've got experience in business management, logistics, recruitment and call centers.
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We build the perfect team with rates starting from $10 usd an hour.

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