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There may come a time in which you need to have employees that are fully dedicated to selling your services and products like call center sales service.

So in this case you may consider the option of outsourcing your sales team to a call center.

In this article we’ll give you some insight as to which things you need to consider before venturing into a decision like this.

Research the call centers, where and when

You’re a step closer into finding your call center, you have been looking various options, some of them inside the USA, others in Mexico, India, Philippines, China, South America, etc.

Outsourcing your operations within America will help you to be familiarized with the laws and the work culture all around.

You will feel more in control as it’s easy to overview the operations and make changes that you may need as soon as possible.

However, sending your operations off-shore will not only be as effective as having it within the USA, but it will help your wallet.

Having one of your departments abroad will open your world to a whole lot of new talents that otherwise would cost you a lot more in the US.

The main downside and perhaps the only one is that the premises are so far away that you may feel like you don’t know where your money is going to.

Although we’re living in modern times where we have cameras and ease of communication through social media and platforms such as Skype.

Not to mention it’s quite easy to monitor the performance, after all, if the agents are selling, you will quickly notice it in your account’s balance.

Types of sales that you need

There are multiple ways to sell your products or services, and we will discuss them in this category starting with:

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the best ways to generate potential buyers that you can then turn into new customers.

This can be done in different types of sales, such as business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C).

Many companies consider Lead Generation to be one of the key parts in their marketing strategy.

It will usually consist of a certain number of agents cold calling people to provide them with information and try to grab interest.

Once they grab interest, then someone with a lot of experience in sales will try to close the deal and therefore make you a great deal of new customers.

Soft Sales

A soft sales is when a person calls in pretty much already interested and with the intention of purchasing.

This does not require much effort from the agents and can almost be automized in order to prevent any potential deals from falling off.

However, in these types of sales, the agents must be greatly knowledgable of the product that they’re selling.

Otherwise whenever a potential buyer calls in and doesn’t find the information that he or she was looking for, it may fall off.

The calls will usually be (but not strictly) inbound.


Perhaps you don’t necessarily need a sales team outsourced but a customer service team that can also sell at the same time.

Turning your customer service into potential sellers will actually boost the growth in your company.

Have in mind, you must be very careful in the way that you do this.

You don’t want your customers calling in about X or Y issue and all of a sudden have a person trying to sell them one of your products, right?

It needs to be done with the utter most care possible, perhaps as simple questions, or a notice so the person can be informed without being pushy.

Hard Sales:

In hard sales the agent will try to go after a person that could greatly be interested in the product or service you’re offering but these people have never heard about you.

For all we know, they might already have their needs covered but this is why you will need to train your agents.

They have to be trained not only with the information about your product/service but about the COMPETITION as well.

The hard sales rep have to be knowledgable enough to say why the company that they represent is better than the others.

Benefits from outsourcing Call Center Sales

When people are shopping they have way more access to information than they used to.

Knowledgable agents that can fully dedicate to guide customers and assist them through their shopping will be key into closing deals.

Many companies have a hard time increasing lead generation and converting the few qualified leads they’re getting.

Also the fact that this division of your company would be fully focused on acquiring new customers and selling, you’d have access to a marketshare that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Not to mention that having call center sales will help the launch of new products and services that you may have

You can configure that every agent that receives a call tells the customers about your companies’ novelties with a brief message, raise awareness!

Developing your Call Center Sales account

The most important thing whenever you’ll outsource your sales team is that you draw a roadmap for them.

What most companies suffer from is that their sales strategy is not directed properly at the correct demographics.

The management most always have enough knowledge as to which segment they want to sell their product and services

Afterwards, you must ensure the execution and the best way to do this is to perform a small test with a smaller operation inside your business

This way you will see how your plan will work in a larger scale and find potential issues before you launch it.

If you have any further questions regarding the deploy of your sales team, you can feel free to contact us.

As a Marketing and Recruitment agency with experience in Call Center, we have people that are knowledgable enough to provide you with the required guidance!

The best part is we will do this for free, no strings attached!

Roman Fernandez

Roman Fernandez

Hello, I am Roman. Graduated college as a Business Administrator, and I've got experience in business management, logistics, recruitment and call centers.
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We build the perfect team with rates starting from $10 usd an hour.

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