What is Customer Service

How successful your business is will greatly involve the customer service you provide to your customers. An effective and kind service will keep your clients content and eager to return!

Anyone can sell anything really but the key is to have people come back for more.

So, excellent customer is indeed needed to ensure the satisfaction of your customer base and their loyalty peaks at new levels, which in turn will ultimately lead us to the success of your company and any organization.

Customer service is essentially a service that you provide before, during and after acquiring any of your products or services. Thus, a good customer service will keep customers cheery in any stage of this process.

Main Objective of Customer Service

The end goal will always be customer satisfaction.

Customer service must give all the needed information, the assurance to help, build rapport and provide advice and tips to exceed the expectactions during every step.

“Customers come first” is what you should base your customer service around. Having in mind, obviously, that there are times when this is not the case.

So do not treat your staff as fools when this isn’t clearly the case, which takes us then to our next point!

Good Customer Service Staff

The customer service representatives will be the face of your company to your customers.

They must have all the knowledge possible about your product or services and most importantly they need to be trained as to how to educate the customer rather than just providing information.

People always like to learn new stuff and most importantly, this will also eliminate the need to receive calls for certain tasks that the customers should otherwise be able to do on their own.

The customer service staff must also be grouped up with active listeners that ask relevant questions.

More importantly, they must have enough authority to take action to solve most inquiries and problems in order to avoid customers jumping from one department to the other.

Ease to Reach Customer Service

The customer service will normally be done through these three different mediums: Face-to-face, phone calls or written through e-mail, mail or social media.

Every business that takes pride in having a customer service department will have the means to be reached through every single one of these ways.

It’s absolutely essential to keep in mind that customers will answer positively everytime they talk to someone rather than hear a recording.

As for written communication, it must be effective with spotless grammar and face-to-face must be handled in a very kind and courteous way!

Take Ownership With Complaints

Address complaints with high priority.

In case a customer is complaining during the process of purchase, the situation has to be fixed promptly and in a very courteous manner!

You may even go the extra mile and provide them with a token of gratitude such as a discount or a coupon for a free product or service fee.

The customer service representatives have to be precise when dealing with issues.

Issues have to be addressed in a timely fashion and provide a follow-up to make sure the customer is happy with the solution afterwards.

On-going Training for Customer Service Representatives

The core of customer service is interacting with other human beings.

Thus Customer Service representatives must have the ability to deal with the occasional rude and aggressive customer without getting soaked through in a sea of emotions.

Additionally, let’s be honest with ourselves, without regular change the repetitive actions to address the same issuess over and over again can be extremely tiring.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to keep on-going training sessions with new methods and strategies to keep the workline fresh.

Also, as a side gig you may also provide psychological sessions to your representatives that wish to take them.

Take Notes on the Feedback

It is highly important that your representatives take notes whenever a customer brings up an area of opportunity.

Most customer service representatives will often ignore these statements that the customers bring up as they don’t have the necessary means in their disposal to forward this feedback.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to rely on the employees to pass on to you the feedback, you can have a system developed!

This would be a non-intrusive feedback through phone calls or feedback forms at the end of every ticket you finalize in your emails.

When it comes to face-to-face customer service, you can also feel free to print out some physical forms in paper that the customer can fill if they wish to do so.

Customer-oriented Culture

You know it’s a common saying that everything starts at home front?

It can also apply to companies, if you treat your employees with the respect and keep them happy, be sure that the possibility that they’ll treat your customers as such will be much higher.

Any organization MUST nurture their employees this way to keep a healthy environment that will lead to the customer-oriented culture.

Your employees will have your brand and company’s back as long as they feel valuable. Also one of the best things to do is to give them a voice when it comes to implementing changes.

Nothing feels better as an employee than to have some sense of ownership over the job that you’re doing.

Always reward accomplishments and provide constructive criticism to their mistakes.

Any company that is decided to implement a strategy to take care of their customers’ needs will ensure that they have a loyal customer base that will recommend them to their family, acquaintences and friends.

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Support

Customer Service

Customer service will encapsule things such as billing, shippings, lost and found objects.

This is in order to help the customer through every phase of the process making sure they’re content and that they’re taking all the benefits possible.

Customer Support

Customer support on the other hand is more about helping the customer base with technical stuff.

This will usually include technical support, and customer support is another way of calling it that makes it seem more helpful.

To make a long story shorter: Having a customer service department in your company will boost your customer satisfaction rates and will improve the loyalty they have to your brand!

With a customer-based culture and good employee treatment, make sure that your customer service department will always back you up and this will be mirrored in the treatment your customers get.

Roman Fernandez

Roman Fernandez

Hello, I am Roman. Graduated college as a Business Administrator, and I've got experience in business management, logistics, recruitment and call centers.
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We build the perfect team with rates starting from $10 usd an hour.

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